Shopping In Surabaya- Best Malls And Street Market For Tourists

tunjungan plaza surabaya

Surabaya might not be the best destination for a vacation. However, for the shopping junkies, this city is big shopping heaven. The city itself is jam-packed with tons of mega-malls. Even more, there are also street markets that offer tourists a sophisticating shopping in Surabaya experience. From local to imported goods in accessories, food, fashion, to furniture are stuffed there. Find out the best malls and street markets in Surabaya you should visit.

Best Malls In Surabaya

1. Tunjungan Plaza (TP)

 tunjungan plaza surabaya

Tunjungan Plaza is an enormous shopping destination in Surabaya. Located in Jl. Basuki Rachmad no. 8 – 12, this shopping center stuffed with more than 500+ stores and services. It is a place which offers you everything from restaurants, cafes, retail, arcades, bookstore, cinemas, etc. The so-called biggest mall in Surabaya has an area of 160,000 m2, which integrates multi-facilities venues throughout the six buildings (TP 1 – TP 6).

2. Galaxy Mall

It is recommended to get the service of rent car Surabaya to venture Surabaya. While on it, you can stop at Galaxy mall located at Jl. Dharmahusada Indah Timur 35-37. The eight floors shopping mall has tons of local and international tenants. There are Hero supermarket, Galaxy 21, Timezone, Keris department store, etc. On the second and third floor, there are techno zone, local and international food courts.

3. Surabaya Town Square (Sutos)

Inaugurated in 2008, Sutos or Surabaya Town Square have been one of the must-visit plazas for shopping junkies. The place itself is packed with numerous restaurants and tenants. From the local to international shops, you can get all you need here. Located at Jl. Hayam Wuruk 6, this shopping mall is especially known as best hang out location. The concept of open space offers an outdoor venue to hang out and hold various entertainments.

Best Street Market In Surabaya

1. Pucang Anom Traditional Market

Looking for an extraordinary shopping experience? Maybe you should try to visit the street market. There are tons of traditional markets across Surabaya. If you rent car Surabaya and head to Jalan Pucang Arjo, you will find a big farmer market that offers fresh local products. Even more, they sell it at an affordable price. Take time to wander around the place to find various things such as antiques to souvenirs.

2. Bratang Market

Another place to experience a unique Shopping in Surabaya is the Bratang market. For those who love antiques and quartz, this place is must visit. Originally made for bird and fish market, this traditional market lately has turned into a different market. The two-floor building has different sections. The colorful swimming fishes and chirping birds can be found on the open-air first floor. While on the second floor, there are gemstones and antique sellers.

Those are some shopping destinations you should check out. With tons of malls, you will satisfy your thirst for a shopping spree. There are the enormous Tunjungan Plaza, high-class Galaxy mall, and hangout ideal Surabaya town Square. You can also discover and get a unique shopping experience by visiting the Street markets, such as Pucang Anom or Bratang market. So, don’t hesitate and enjoy your shopping time in Surabaya.

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