7 Tips for Blood Donation During Fasting You Can Practice, Don’t Worry!

While still young and the body is in good health, it doesn’t hurt to donate blood. In addition to helping fellow humans, blood donors also have benefits for ourselves.

Because this is the fasting month, there are those who think that there is no need to donate blood first. In fact, blood demand remained high even during Ramadan. Don’t get me wrong, you can still donate blood during the fasting month, how come! Check out the tips, let’s go!

1. Do a blood donor after breaking the fast

Blood donors are recommended not to be done on an empty stomach. Therefore, choose the right time for blood donation during the fasting month. The best, donors when breaking the fast.

Energy intake from food can be a powerful weapon to restore our blood sugar levels to normal numbers. Blood donation after breaking the fast to avoid the possibility of weakness and fainting afterwards.

2. Enough of your fluid needs

Lips and throat dry all day? When breaking fast, don’t forget to fill your fluid needs. Of course with mineral water, don’t drink too much sweet, huh! This also applies to blood donors when fasting. Make sure you drink enough water, at least 500 ml before and after donating blood.

3. Eat more meat and animal protein

Pay attention to your food choices when breaking fast. Make sure that what you eat contains enough nutrients. This nutrient can be obtained from meat, such as red meat, fish, chicken to the liver. Indeed, nutrients are also found in several types of vegetables, but will be more effective if you get nutrients from meat or animal protein sources.

4. Get enough rest before

Naturally, when the fasting month of our time becomes a little reduced, the result of having to wake up sahur and must remain active as usual. However, make sure you have enough sleep, huh! Because lack of sleep will affect when blood donors. Lack of sleep will make blood pressure results rise.

In addition, lack of sleep also makes hemoglobin levels in the blood drop. No wonder, if you are suddenly rejected by a donor because it does not meet the requirements of blood pressure and hemoglobin.

5. Take blood booster supplements

To avoid the risk of anemia, it’s a good idea to take blood boosting supplements before donors. This supplement can be from corovite, sangobion, hufabion, to the sacatonic liver.

Its function is to overcome iron deficiency and deficiency of red blood cell formation. Blood supplement supplements can also be consumed occasionally while fasting. For the sake of avoiding anemia and symptoms of weakness, lethargy and weakness!

6. Avoid heavy activity before donors

Heavy physical activity will make us tired. Moreover, if we do it while fasting and want to donate blood too. Preferably, reduce heavy physical activity and replace it with a light workout such as walking or just stretching. Avoid strenuous exercise at least 6 hours before the donor.

7. We recommend that we stay blood donors while fasting because …

The amount of blood supply during fasting is predicted to decline dramatically. At PMI Yogyakarta for example, it is estimated that there is a decline of up to 60-70 percent during the month of Ramadan. In fact, the needs and demand for blood remain high at all times.

To get around the decline, PMI urges us to keep on doing routine blood donations. Can be done by doing mass blood donation at night. This is to keep blood stocks safe.

Well, that’s the tip so that we can still be blood donors even though we are fasting. So, don’t hesitate to donate your blood, huh!


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