3+ Things To Consider Before Writing Resignation Letter to Be a Stay at Home Mom

Being a career woman has consequences, one of which you have to miss important stages of your kid’s development.

However, it is never too late to get closer to your kids and pay off everything you have wasted by being a stay at home mom.

Yes, you can resign from your job.

Resigning from beloved job requires you to prepare many things, including resignation letter to be a stay at home mom.

This letter will inform your employer that you have made an important decision.

Furthermore, resignation letter is an important document that should be handed out to your boss or human resources so that you will not get any problem in the future.

Despite of the fact that composing a resignation letter is fairly easy, there are further things to consider before writing one.

Things to Consider before Writing Resignation Letter to Be a Stay at Home Mom

When you are creating a resignation letter, it means you are already 95% sure of leaving the job.

Right after handed out the letter, there is no way back.

Since this is a big decision that may change your entire life, you need to think twice or maybe three times.

Here are several things to consider before writing a resignation letter:

1. Think about the consequences

It is true that being a career woman has consequences.

But, deciding to resign from your current job has consequences, too.

Wait for a moment and think clearly before composing a resignation letter (contoh surat pengunduran diri).

Are you really ready to leave your beloved job?

Are you financially and emotionally ready to be a stay at home mom?

Thus, consult with your spouse related to your decision of resigning from the job.

2. Choose the right time

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It is necessary to choose the right time.

You may choose either to resign after maternity leave or during pregnancy.

If your health condition supports, it is better to resign after maternity leave.

Thus you can have enough preparation for the upcoming consequences, especially related to financial aspect.

However, resignation letter to be a stay at home mom during early pregnancy is also allowed especially if you want to focus on taking care of your baby and preparing yourself to be a real mom.

This is much safer if you have a pregnancy with risk.

Unsupportive working environment and stress during work might be harmful for your early-stage pregnancy.

3. Make preparation

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Included into preparation is composing a resignation letter.

You may arrange your own words or grab some resignation letter samples from the internet.

Once you choose the second option, you might need to tailor the specific information to fit you.

Besides creating a letter and handing it out, you also need to get your stuff in order.

Make sure you do not leave it in a messy condition.

In a nut shell, being a stay at home mom is a virtue of you.

However, it is an uneasy decision especially if you already love your job.

At the time you are determined to be a stay at home mom, resignation letter is an important thing you need to consider.

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