Tips on How to Know which is the Best T-Shirt Printing Formula

The tips on how to know which is the best T-shirt printing formula are important for everyone to figure out. There are at least five well-known printing methods or printing formulas to apply on T-shirts.

Down below, you will find out the tips to choose which method is the best one for you. It will ease you to make the decision when you want to print a T-shirt with any designs you like.

The Number of Shirts to Print

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The first thing you need to consider is the number of shirts you need to print. If you need to print less than 10 T-shirts, you can choose heat press printing method. This method uses transfer paper. It’s simpler and cheaper for smaller batch

If you need to print large quantity of T-shirts, like more than 10 or even 100s, you need to use screen printing formula. This formula or method allows you to use stencil so that you can print the same design to multiple T-shirts with ease.

The Complexity of the Design

If the design to be printed on the T-shirt is a simpler design, like small logo, large letters, or silhouette-like design, you can use the method of vinyl cutting printing. This printing formula uses a vinyl stencil, which is easier and quicker to apply.

However, if the design is very complicated, with lots of colors and small shapes, the method of direct to garment printing needs to be used. This method requires special printing machine but instead of paper, the printer is loaded by T-shirts or fabric.

The Thickness of the Fabric

Printing designs on thick fabric requires you to use heat press printing formula. This printing method uses the help of heat application to transfer the entire design properly. It is how to know which is the best T-shirt printing formula for thick fabric.

If the T-shirt is made out of light fabric, a formula or method called dye sublimation should be chosen. This method uses liquid dye and simple dipping process, just like in tie dye method, to give colors and designs to the shirt.

The Amount of Time You Have

If you do not have a long time to print something on the shirt, you need a formula that works quickly. The best choice would be the heat press printing or the direct to garment printing. They use computers and printers, which give you quick result.

For those who have long time to spare, the printing method like screen printing is better. It takes longer time because of the usage of stencil and the application of different colors. However, the final result is certainly better.

The Resources You Have

Last but not least, you need to consider the resources that you have. If you are not a professional who own complex machinery for T-shirt printing, you can try the dye sublimation formula. It requires only a shirt and some liquid dyes.

If you own stencil-making machine or fabric printer, you can choose formulas like screen printing or direct to garment printing, which are obviously dominated by special tools but promise great results.Understanding all the points and tips above, you will no longer feel confused when having to choose any printing method/formula for T-shirts. They are the secrets on how to know which is the best T-shirt printing formula for sure.


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