The Fox and the Stork Stories

One day there was a fox in the middle of the road around the forest. He then thought that the weather was sunny today and he could go fishing. Then, he prepared his fishing rod and immediately rushed to the lake in the middle of the forest.

When he arrived at the lake, he found a crane on the other side. He also greeted when he pulled his fishing rod, “Hey, what are you doing?” Fox also imagined that he would get a lot of fish for dinner.

Stork also replied, “I was swimming while enjoying the cold water that wet my feathers,” answered the crane, flapping its wings.

The fox starts fishing and then the fishing line shakes. He hurriedly pulled his fishing line and watched a fish there. He said happily, “I am going to have a big party tonight. Stork, would you like to have dinner at my place?” Asked the fox while cleaning the fishing gear.

Stork also confirmed the invitation for the fox. And just at dinner time, the crane came to the fox’s house, “Knock … knock … knock !!”

While opening the door of his house, the fox said “Please enter!”. They also sat at the neatly arranged dining table. Stork feels very hungry because of the aroma of cuisine that invites tastes. “It smells really good, of course it tastes good”.

Finally the food is served. Tubah cooked fish soup and put it in a small bowl. Witnessing this, the crane was sad because of its long beak, of course he could not eat soup in a small bowl.

Finally, the crane only met and stayed. Seeing that, the fox asked, “Stork, why don’t you eat? You don’t like it?”

“My beak is long so it can’t be used to eat soup in a small bowl,” answered the crane.

The fox answered, “I’m sorry my crane, but all I have is this little bowl. But you don’t need to be sad because I’ve found a way out.”

Finally, the fox took the basket and filled it with soup until it was full. “Here, take the chain home and you can enjoy dinner at your house.” Said the fox. Then the stork answered, “Thank you, fox, you’re so kind. Tomorrow it’s my turn to bring you dinner at home.

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