The Fable Story of a fake monkey

Fable is a story that contains a description of the nature, character and also human behavior. This story is played by a group of animals. This tale becomes a literary work whose contents are short and short stories. The purpose of this story is to convey the moral message contained therein to the reader.

The story told in the fairy tale itself is not something real. This is only an essay written by the author to convey a moral message. There are many examples of fairy tales. And on this occasion will be reviewed about a list of interesting and up-to-date stories for you.


The story of a fake monkey that makes sense

In the past week, the rainy season has arrived. Monkeys that live on the slopes of the mountain certainly feel confused. Those who are confused will find a safe place. They know exactly that the mountain slope they occupy is already bald and may collapse due to rain.

In the mountain slope forest where monkeys are, there is also a fairly large python. He is a very good predator. He also makes nests in trees that have been cut down. He lives alone and waits for something to eat.

During the hungry season, brown python finally comes out of the nest. “Today is cloudy and it even starts to drizzle. Of course there will be heavy rain soon. I really like it because at times like this there will be a lot of food that I can prey on,” murmured python.

Snakes know that when it rains, animals on the slopes will find shelter, sometimes under trees, sometimes in caves where they hide. Apart from protecting and waiting for the rain to stop, there was nothing they could do.

The snake starts to sniff the meaty aroma from its prey. Finally, python sees a little monkey shivering and sheltering under a palm tree. He murmured, “Cool, this could be lunch”. In fact, he had imagined the deliciousness of a fresh monkey’s body.

After that, he tried to find a strategy to ambush the monkey so that it was right on target. When he was close to the monkey, python found that the monkey was moaning as if he was in pain. Python also changed its mind. In his heart he asked, “Ah, is he hurt?”

The snake returned to the monkey who groaned and shivered alone. “O monkey, why are you shivering? Are you sick with a fever? ” Asked the python when it appeared before the little monkey.

“Python, you really surprised me. Where will you rain?” Asked the monkey again. “I just want to pass. I really like rain because I can play water. You haven’t answered my question before” Add python.

“My leg hurts. Before I was hit by a trap in the forest as the trap continued, luckily I managed to escape,” moaned the monkey.

“Your wound is very severe. There is still a lot of blood on your feet. If not cleaned it can rot” Tammabh python.

“That’s right. Many germs will appear. And it seems my body is full of germs. Soon I will rot. Why don’t you just eat me. Eat me quickly,” said the monkey.

Snake is very confused because on one hand he is hungry and on the other hand he is fed up with germs on the body of a monkey. He also claimed he could not stand eating monkeys. When in fact he did not want the germs on the monkey’s body down on his body.

“All right, I’ll clean my wound and look for river water nearby,” said the monkey.

“Fine, you’re fine. Even if you’re fine, I won’t hunt you,” Python added.

Finally, python leaves a little monkey, whose wits are intelligent. In the heart, the monkey laughed loudly because he could save himself from the threat of snakes very easily. He didn’t think that even though the appearance of the snake was creepy, it could still be good too. No wonder this type of snake is often hunted by humans and made into pets.

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