US (CA): Organic Peruvian Red Globe grapes available

US (CA): Organic Peruvian Red Globe grapes available

California-based Pacific Organic Produce announces historic arrival of organic Red Globe grapes from Peru. According to founder Greg Holzman, “The grapes are a seeded variety; the size and flavor are all really excellent. We’re very excited. To the best of my knowledge these are the first organic grapes to arrive from South America ever.”

Historically, the South African grapes (35 day transit) were the only organic grapes to hit the U.S. shores during this period, but now Peru offers a great alternative (less than 3 weeks transit).

According to Holzman, “the U.S. fumigates grapes from Chile, the main supplier of winter grapes, so acquiring organic grapes has been a project of mine for many years. I actually helped start a bio-pesticide business in Brazil for the purpose of developing an organic grape supply. Unfortunately, there were too many issues in Brazil so I went to Peru to continue the search; as the U.S. was opening its doors to Peru it looked like the right step.”

Pacific Organic is happy to report strong arrivals on both coasts, with 30,000-35,000 4.5k cases available to ship through mid-March.

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Publication date: 2/14/2013

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