All You Need To Know About Malang To Bromo Tour And Trip


As famous as you know, mount bromo is a big popular vacation . But for sure, this mountain also one of the best holiday destinations in East Java. Spread across four districts, you can access the mountain from a lot of entrance routes. The destination itself offers tons of mesmerizing spots or sites with unforgettable views. Before you plan for Malang to Bromo trip, check out this information below.

The Bromo Tour And Offers

There are tons of options for your Bromo tour. Some are offered based on duration, destination, and facilities. At some point, there are some tour or package that offers extra vacation destination such as Coban Rondo, Pulau Sempu, Jatim Park, etc. It is recommended to check the info regarding the tour. The most common available packages are Open trip, 2-days 1-night, 3-days 2-night, and 4-days 3-night packages.

Worth to know that you can also arrange all the plan by yourself. It means all of the accommodation required will be handled by you. You may need to look for more information regarding where to stay, how much the entrance fee, the jeep rental, and many other things. In this case, you can use rent car Surabaya to reach the entrance route to Bromo. In this matter, there is some route you can take as explained below.

The Route From Malang to Mount Bromo


1. The Main And Secondary Route

The Malang to Mount Bromo routes is quite popular due to the beautiful views along the way. The main route is started from Malang to tumpeng. Then continue to Gubugklakah – Ngadas – move along to Jemplang- and finally head to Mountain Bromo. Taking a different direction, the secondary route started from Malang and straight to Tongas, Probolinggo. After that, continue to Sukapura, Cemorolawang, and Bromo.

2. The Alternative Route

Both main and secondary routes are more preferred than this alternative route. All because of the farther distant and longer journey duration. All routes are accessible by private car. In case you are using rent alphard Surabaya, you can drive till the entrance. In this alternative route, firstly you should go to Pasuruan. After that go to Warungdowo – Tosari – Wonokriti – Dingklik – Penanjakan – Laut Pasir – and Bromo.

The Itinerary And Destination

You may have found a suitable tour with the cheapest price, but you have to check the itinerary and destination. Make sure that all the schedules and stops are suitable for the price. For example, the open trip can be priced for less than 50 USD. However, you should know that the destination might be even more limited. And the duration of your tour will be held for just 1 day and 1 night.

Those are some basic knowledge about the trip which all of you need to know. Especially, if you are going to go for Malang to Bromo tour or trip. You have to know all the possible offers of the Bromo trip and tours available. You can go by yourself, but joining a tour might help you manage the cost and have a definite schedule. The route, itinerary, and destination info are provided to help you understand better about the tour.

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