Elvis Presley’s Life, Journey and His Career

Elvis Presley is one of the legends in music and entertainment. His songs and other works are still famous until now. Even, his iconic style still can be seen in some opportunities.

He made a lot of achievements in his life. His music and movies already become great masterpiece. Of course, these all are great things to see.

Early Interest in Music

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Presley was born on January 8, 1935. His parent gave him name Elvis Aron Presley. Later, he changed the spelling into Aaron so it was based on the biblical form. He grew up in Tupelo, Mississippi.

His parent educated him to have strong faith. Even, gospel music had great influence in his life. Then, he received first appreciation in music when he became winner in talent show. It was held at Humes High School located in Memphis.

He also had interest in music and wanted to pursue career in it. Then, he got his first single in 1954. It was song titled with “That’s All Right.”

His First Hit and Early Career

After he got his first single, he started to develop his career. In 1955, he signed a deal with RCA Record. Colonel Tom Parker was appointed as his manager.

After that, 1956 became important year in his career. He released the first hit titled “Heartbreak Hotel. He also launched his first album by using his name, “Elvis Presley.” Because it, he obtained popularity and he signed his first movie contract with Paramount Pictures.

Surely, 1956 was his important steps of achievement. He got popularity because of his song. Moreover, he also had unique sexy dances. Because of his popularity, Elvis Presley also guests in many variety shows.

Military Service

Military service became important moments in his life. It I not only about the service, but there is also other important things happened on the period of time.

His popularity got boosted and his first film, Love Me Tender became hit in the box office. However, he should break for the military service. He joined in 1957 and he was sent to Germany.

Before he went to Germany, his mother passed away. Luckily, he got a permission to attend the funeral. Then, the spent the services for around a year and a half.

His Movies and Works

Elvis Presley finished his service and left the army in 1960. Because of his popularity, he could come back soon and he reached the chart again with the soundtrack of GI Blues.

He had many movies and soundtracks. There are also songs and albums to create after he left the army. Even, he could prove that he was worthy to be called as “King of Rock n’ Roll.”

One of the great works was done in 1968. He made “68 Comeback” and it successfully made people stunned by skills as singer and guitarist.

The Last Steps of His Career

Popularity does not mean that he could have perfect life. In fact, he faced divorce. His marriage with Priscilla had to break in early 1973. He also had addiction to drugs and other bad lifestyle.

He passed away on August 16, 1977 caused by heart failure. He was buried in Graceland property, so he was near the gravesite of his mother and other relatives.

He had great legacy in rock n’ roll genre. Because of him, the genre can be popular in America. His awards and achievements also received great appreciation. These all make Elvis Presley a real legend.


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