The story of pigs and sheep

In a village quite far from the city, there are several families living in it. Precisely in the green valley accompanied by very fertile trees. The family that lives has the famous pig and sheep. They employ several workers who live around the valley to feed pigs and sheep.

Besides breastfeeding, they also need to clean both. If the fur is thick, workers must cut it and sell the fur in the market. Likewise with pigs, if they weigh enough, workers must sell them to the city. The number of sheep and pigs there is quite a lot so that it attracts buyers.

And it is said that, at that time animals can talk to each other that is not understood by human language. It so happens that pigs and sheep have their enclosures close together so they can talk to each other.

Every day, sometimes the sounds of pigs and sheep are noisy and it is not known to humans that they speak. When the day of the sale of pigs arrives, usually large pigs are weighed and sent to buyers.

One day, a pig that is still young and quite large in size will be sold. But he is difficult when he will be arrested. However, the workers finally succeeded in catching and tying the two pairs of pigs’ feet.

The young pig shouted and struggled. Seeing this, the sheep herd screamed.


Then one of the herds added “why are you crying and shouting loudly. Even though your other friends rarely do the same thing. They surrender to fate even if they have to be slaughtered.”

Hearing this, an adult pig said, “Wise lamb, you can say that because you have not experienced what we experienced. You only shave fur without having to be slaughtered. But look at us, we are taken and soon our lives will disappear” Our lives certainly not as happy as your life. How dare you mock a dying piglet? ”

Since then, the sheepfold has been quiet and silent. They pondered what one of the pigs said. And finally they realize that they are more fortunate than pigs. Then they apologize to the adult pig beforehand.

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